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What Our Clients Say

Mary C. – San Diego, CA

I have been a long term customer of Steve, the Licensed Handyman, and he has tackled many projects for me, both large and small, inside and outside of my home that was built in the mid 40s. He has completely remodeled two bathrooms, a kitchen and a library/study with built-in shelves and workspace as well as tiled all my floors. He has done painting and plumbing as needed, replaced my garage door opener, and installed a drip system to complement my sprinkler system in my front and back yards. Steve is especially sensitive to the needs and requirements of senior citizens and has installed indoor and outdoor lighting, a security camera system, and built up an outdoor wall to provide safety and security features around my home as well as installed grab bars and outdoor railings. Steve is very good about cleaning up and disposing of materials after finishing up tasks and conscientious about hiring honest and reliable team members with special skills when he needs extra support to complete a given task. His work has always been above par, he has been easy to communicate with and suggests or implements good solutions to tasks that I perhaps would not have thought of. If you are looking for a good and responsible handyman, I highly recommend that you contact Steve, the Licensed Handyman, to discuss your requirements.

Donna D. – El Cajon, CA

I am always happy with Steve’s work, he never lets me down, can fix anything and is a good problem solver. He has worked on my house inside and out for the last 3 years from replacing a sky light to a bathroom remodel and replacing a redwood fence to a vinyl fence. Very trustworthy and I recommend him for all needs.

Patrick O. – Bonita, CA

I was quite sure that I would have to replace my entire marble kitchen counter and sink. The marble was cracked and broken in multiple places and the faucet was frozen in place. My home warranty advised that the damage was not covered. I heard about Steve’s handy work thru others who were very impressed by his service and decided to call him. Firstly, he was very polite and engaging on the phone call. He demonstrated a tremendous knowledge in his field of work and was very eager to help me. I find this type of reception as rather rare honestly. Steve set up an appointment on a week day morning. He promptly arrived, introduced himself and got right to work in assessing the damage. A quick trip to home depot and 2 hours later, everything was functioning magically. Moreover, you could not even notice that all the broken marble had been meticulously pieced back together by Steve with an uncanny eye and attention to detail. And it was and remains totally structurally sound. It is not often that a customer like myself receives a home repair service with complete satisfaction. He will be the first that I call whenever I have a problem with anything related to my home.

Thanks so very much Steve…

Sherman S. - Alpine, CA

Steve the proprietor of The Licensed Handyman has done various jobs for me, since I am a paraplegic and live alone and cant physically do my own repairs. The biggest and best job was the total remodel of my master bathroom. At first I was just going to install a shower bench. Steve advised and said to make the home work for you. The remodel turned out fantastic and very happy with Steve’s workmanship and quality. He is honest, fair and responsible. I highly recommend him for any task no matter how big or small.

Janet - Santee, CA

My husband and I found Steve when we pulled into the Home Depot parking lot in 2013, and saw his truck, The Licensed Handyman, parked in their loading dock. We wrote the number down and when we got home we called him. Neither one of us are handy in any way and we had been looking for a reputable handyman for awhile. Steve was prompt and was very knowledgeable about electrical work. He had to run electrical wiring from the living room into the dining room to put an outlet for my desk. When he was finished…we could not tell where he had put holes in the wall to run the wires. It was like he was never there! Steve and his crew are very conscientious and clean up after the work is done! We enjoy having him and his crew in our home…he can fix or repair other people’s work, if needed, and is an expert in his field…which is very diverse. He is very meticulous when hanging shelves or cases on a wall, just as he is in building a wall from scratch. We will only call Steve from now on!